ITER-Consult services are made available, as independent expert organization,  to national, EU and international institutions and organizations in support of their regulatory, licensing and study activities. So far being brought to service the public interest of national and international community. ITER-Consult  has the capability to provide its support activity with regulatory view. In providing these services, the organization also aims at maintaining qualified and updated technical resources.

ITER-Consult has multidisciplinary  competency  by covering  major areas of nuclear and radiation safety with respect to: siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation, decommissioning of nuclear installations and radioactive waste management. The scope of the activity includes evaluation of safety analysis and periodic safety  review of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) and other Nuclear installations;  probabilistic safety  assessment,




environmental impact assessment; site analysis; specific safety analysis of structures, systems and components; safety requirements and analysis  of plant modification, due diligence of activity and activity status.

The  technical support refers to both pre-licensing review phase and licensing review phase. For licensing review activities, all phases from design to operation of NPPs and other type of nuclear installations are covered, including expert review of siting and environmental analysis.

ITER-Consult can provide support also during the selection phase of NPP technology, assessing general safety objectives, conceptual design and engineering solutions to major safety issues.

Moreover,  the company offers competence and experience in the performance of review activities of the legal and regulatory framework and development of organizational and technical capabilities of Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA). This includes the technical support to  develop regulations and regulatory guidance

documents in conformity with  national legislation and regulatory approach, international recommendations and international legal instruments.