Education & Training

Education and Training (E&T)  are essential in order to maintain or build capacity at institutional level, including a sustainable capacity for regulatory control and supervision functions and related technical support.

It is part of ITER-Consult objective to promote E&T in the field of nuclear safety and security as well as in radiation protection.

The training courses include the institutional items to be faced while developing national infrastructure and regulatory capability (e.g. legal and regulatory framework, definition and distinction of roles, regulatory role and function).


In order to develop technical skills for licensing review approaches and methodologies,training  is provided in various technical areas such as: site safety analysis, content and structure of a safety analysis report (SAR) for nuclear facilities, civil structures, mechanical structures and components, safety classification of SSC, system analysis, accident analysis, equipment qualification, probabilistic safety analysis (PSA), radioactive waste management, decommissioning, etc..

In the field of E&T ITER-Consult actively cooperates with Universities to organize and carry out high level master and academic specialization courses for professionals in nuclear safety and security.

Some Training Courses offered by ITER-Consult