Objectives & Values

The main objective of ITER-Consult is to provide services in the form of independent safety evaluations and reviews in the major areas of nuclear and radiation safety. The services are available to Nuclear Regulatory Authorities, European Union institutions and other international organizations in support of their regulatory, licensing and study activities, being therefore at the service of national and international community.

ITER-Consult promotes and provides Education and Training in the field of institutional capacity building and development of technical and management capacities.

ITER-Consult considers the international cooperation and networking a fundamental way to maintain competence, capability and knowledge and to address in an effective and harmonized way the regulatory function and related technical support activities

In order to fully  and effectively achieve its objectives, ITER-Consult  has established international cooperation with similar technical expert organizations, regulators and international organizations.

ITER-Consult assumes the following as “values” of its services: professional  independence and competence, credibility, transparency and establishment of respectful  relationships with  its partners.