NUCLEAR  SAFETY & SECURITY - Radiological safety objectives, safety criteria and requirements for nuclear installations. Conceptual design, defense in depth, safety functions, safety systems and safety features. Mechanical, electrical components and I&C. Structural analysis. Site evaluations, Seismic safety. Natural and man-made external hazard. Design basis accidents and consequences. Severe accidents. Operational safety. Physical Protection of radioactive and nuclear material and related activities. Implementation of international obligations ( Nuclear Safety Conventions, Joint Conventions, Code of Conduct for RS, Safeguards agreements…)


RADIATION  SAFETY -  Radiation protection for workers and public. Basic safety standards. Dose limitation and  ALARA implementation. Radiation protection program requirements for nuclear installations and its  implementation. Organizational aspects, duties and responsibilities for radiation protection. Operational radioactive effluents from nuclear facility and accidental releases (source term) . Environmental monitoring.

RELIABILITY  AND  RISK - Review of systems and equipment reliability assessment, applied methodology and requirements. Review of overall plant probabilistic safety assessment: Regulatory requirements for PSA studies; PSA objectives, criteria, requirements, methodology, models, data, IE, FT, ET, quantification. Analysis of PSA results and evaluation of  improvement measures. Use of PSA during licensing process.

QUALITY  MANAGEMENT - Policy statement, quality assurance program content, requirements and implementation for licensee and suppliers. Quality manual, procedures, feedback, performance assessment and corrective actions.

DECOMMISSIONING - Safety objectives and decommissioning options.  Review of decommissioning general plan, main phases, conception and implementation of decommissioning  activities. Radiological characterization of the installation. Radiation protection  and environmental protection during decommissioning. Review of activity plans including decontamination, dismantling, maintenance, waste management.

WASTE MANAGEMENT - Safety objectives and requirements for radioactive waste management.  Design, construction and operation of  facilities dealing with treatment of liquid and solid waste. Review of safety assessments for storage and disposal facilities. Waste acceptance criteria.  Safety aspects of  design, construction, operation and surveillance of repositories or storage facilities. Accident analysis and consequences, probabilistic and deterministic techniques for safety assessment of waste disposal facilities.

SITE  ANALYSIS -   Review of site analysis and characterization, impact of environment on the design of nuclear facilities (meteorology, geology, hydrology,  seismology and geotechnical engineering, external natural and man made hazards, etc.), impact of nuclear facility on the environment (radiological and non-radiological).


ENGINEERING AND ENVIRONMENT - Evaluations and assessment of engineering activities and design verification in conformity with technical specifications, normative documents, technical and environmental requirements