ITER-Consult Srl
 -   Via A.Poliziano, 51 - 00184 Roma
 -   Piazza S. Pietro, 36 - 00029 Vicovaro(RM)
Telephone: +39 0677072888
Fac simile: +39 0623328132
How to reach us:

From Fiumicino Airport:

By Train: Train from Fiumicino Airport to Railway Station ‘’Roma Termini’’ (about 40 minutes)+ Metro  line ‘’B’’ to Tiburtina Station (about 15 minutes)+ Train from Tiburtina Railway Station to Tivoli (about one hour).

* More information for the trains’ timetable in English on the website:

By Taxi: from Fiumicino Airport to Tivoli (about 1 hour in no rush hour)