Training Course
Requirements and Safety evaluation for RW management
organized by ITER-Consult


March  16-20, 2020 - Rome (Italy)


The training course, organized by ITER-Consult, has duration of one week and provides a complete overview of the safety approach and safety requirements for RW management activities, related legal & regulatory requirements and reference standards. It covers:

  • The relevant regulatory requirements for activities related to RW classification, treatment, conditioning, storage and disposal.
  • Particular attention will be given to RW storagefacilities and disposal facilities for low, intermediate and high level waste.
  • Licensing process, content of safety analysisand safety justification to be submitted for regulatory licensing review.
  • The content of SAR for RW management facilitieswith related licensing review and approval, including objective and scope of onsite regulatory inspections.

The training is dedicated to staff of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities, TSO organizations, Radiation Facilities for medical, industrial and research application.

           Registration are opened: the early registration deadline is March 2nd, 2020.

           Course leaflet and registration form are available  here