Training Course
Radioactive sources in medical, industrial and
research related applications

organized by ITER-Consult


February 24-28, 2020 - Rome (Italy)


The  training  course,  organized  by  ITER-Consult,  has  a  duration  of  one  week  and  provides  a complete overview of the application of radioactive sources (RS) in medical and industrial field, related legal & regulatory requirements and reference standards.

The EU Directive 59/2013 and the IAEA code of conduct on RS will be presented and discussed together with licensing procedures and regulatory inspections.

The content of safety documentation to be submitted for authorization on the use of RS in various fields will be presented and discussed including requirements for management of disused RS.

Particular attention will be given on medical application introducing and clarifying the role of RPO, RPE and MPE as defined in the EU Directive 59/2013.

The training is dedicated to staff of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities, TSO organizations, Radiation Facilities for medical, industrial and research application.

           Registration are opened: the early registration deadline is February 14th , 2020.

           Course leaflet and registration form are available here